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Website Update!!

May 8th, 2015

We’re finally updating the website with a full artist list for this years expo, thanks for your patience!!

In the meantime keep an eye on www.instagram.com/leedstattooexpo for examples of our artists work!!

LITE 2015 Announcement

December 3rd, 2014

Really looking forward to next years expo!

We’ll be gradually announcing the first bunch of tattooists but just to get you started we are really lucky to have the following names join us at The New Dock Hall on the weekend of June 6th/7th in 2015!

Valerie Vargas, Stewart Robson, Brent Mccown, Tahiti Tatau, Bene Bader (Cheyenne), Toni Donaire, Sneaky Mitch, Brenden Jones and Rebecca Vincent.

As well as representation from some of the top studios in the city including Oddfellows Tattoo Collective, Inspirations, Ultimate Skin and Brotherhood.

Please keep an an eye on the instagram handle @leedstattooexpo for examples of everyone’s work and our facebook page for more news!

LITE 2015 A5 Web